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What you need to know first

“Stay strapped of get clapped.” – George Washington (I think)

Carry Insurance

“Every bullet fired outside of the range has a lawyer attached to it.” Make sure that lawyer is yours.

Colonel Cooper’s Color Codes

A color code system to reflect how much you should be paying attention to things around you.

Behavioral changes when strapped

You're going to start doing things differently when you carry.

Licensed vs. Constitutional Carry

In some states, you have a choice. Choose wisely.

Blinging your blaster

Keep the funny upgrades on your carry weapon to zero. And no funny signs or stickers either.

It's happened. Now what?

Holy Shit. Shots have been fired and bad guys are down. What do you do next?

The no-win scenario

Despite what Kirk believes there are "no-win" scenarios when you've defended yourself.

Training Part 1, What you need to learn first

“The best gunfight you will ever be in is the one that didn’t happen.” You're going, “Huh?” let me explain.

Training Part 3, Dry Fire

In a crisis situation, you will not “rise to the occasion.” You will descend to the level of your training.

Training Part 4, Live fire

Every round you fire at the range should have a training objective attached to it. “Practice what you suck at, so you stop sucking at it.”

Training Part 5, Range Drills

Let’s mix it up now. Different drills to mix things up.

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