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This is an eye-opening piece, The ‘Psychology’ of Liberals where the underpinnings of why liberals behave like they do is revealed.

You really can’t blame them for their misguided views. They themselves are victims of 20th century psychology, which in textbook after textbook taught clinician after clinician – as well as the general public – that leniency trumps discipline, “concern” trumps consequences, motive trumps morality – and that one’s “feelings” are sacrosanct.

It tries to prove that there are mental health issues involved, and at some level I can agree. About half of the people professionally involved in the mental health field are involved because they have MH issues and they wanted to understand them better.

I don’t agree with the borderline diagnosis. I have that as one of my diagnosis and the black and white viewing of things doesn’t really apply to them. They see things in grey (except republicans). There is also a “I hate you! Don’t leave me!” part of borderline that I don’t see in liberals.

But all in all, a good, recommended read.

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