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Well, further evidence that the Wellbutrin XL is working. I actually fired up my Usenet reader and got caught up to date with rec.models.rockets. Which is something that I haven’t done in months.

Which leaves me in a quandary of sorts. I am beginning to see a crunch on my time. There are 5 major things that I want to do at the moment, each of which can absorb several hours a day.

They are:

1. Reading Mechwarrior message boards.
2. Reading other blogs
3. Reading news sites and posting on this blog.
4. Working on rocketry projects.
5. Reading Usenet boards.

This is the order in which I have expanded myself. I have moved from one to the next, and it seems the time between expansions is shrinking.

Thinking about the quantity of these things and the speed in which they are piling on is staring to scare me. If I am not careful I could go manic, and that would be very bad. I can’t tell you how doubleplusungood me being manic is. Dangerous bad.

Come to think about it, I have had to fight down some rather annoying impulses to spend money. The fact of me wanting to go next door and buy a soda for 80 cents is nothing next to the urge to do it. I also bought $45 worth of rocket motors Sunday. It doesn’t matter that I had enough rocketry cash to do it. The fact that I did do it without my normal second and third thought is. The budget I live on is tight enough to use it as a trampoline. Most of the spending money I get is from incidental purchases from my family. I break a $20 to buy dinner or something and I get to keep the change.

This is a rather disconcerting development, one that I must watch like a hawk. Every action must be double checked, every motive scrutinized. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. If it wasn’t for this blog, I would not have recognized this change in behavior until much later, if at all.

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