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This article, Beware of Stealth Energy Tax, Conservative Group Warns, is all about trying to back door the Kyoto treaty.

The Kyoto Protocol which was meant to stop global warming, wants the US to cut back emissions of greenhouse gases to 1990 levels. Even supporters of the Kyoto Protocol admitted it would only move the inevitable result back 5-10 years. To comply would wreck our economy in no uncertain terms. It could even be fatal to our economy, starting us on a downward spiral to total collapse. Of course, the Senate rejected it.

Even groups who support the legislation admit it will raise prices. The group Environmental Defense estimates the cost at $10 per household in 2010 – a “low cost,” it says.

Ten dollars a what? Year? Month? Week? Day? And of course like any other government sponsored program, that is a very low ball figure, certain to double or triple in no short order.

I’m no scientist, so I can’t say one way or the other about global warming. Hell, the scientists themselves can’t agree. But I do know that our society rests lightly upon our infrastructure and by jogging one part like this, everything can come down like a house of cards. And by causing a splash in one part, all of the other parts of the infrastructure are affected by the ripples that spread everywhere.

Let’s just assume for a minute that the cost outlined above turns out to be $10 a month. Okay, you pay that without a sweat. But you also pay that same $10 for all of the companies involved in delivering all of your goods and services. And companies pay a magnitude more for their electricity than you do. You end up paying like 10% more for everything you buy, from Wal-Mart to your ISP. Companies do not absorb increases like this, they pass it along to the customer. And in any chain of manufactured goods, you’re paying for 3-4 companies worth of increases.

Think about it. Then write your Senators and see what side of this bill they are on.

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