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I like to have bizarre ringtones for the people in my contact list and for alarms. The collecting of these are almost as obsessive as my Markisms. Updated 12/23/2021.

I use these and I thought I would share. I do not hold nor claim copyright over any of these files. They are freely released into the public domain and if the owner of the copyright contacts me and asks to take them down, I will do so.


I am not responsible for your embarrassment or other consequences when your phone goes off and Samuel L. Jackson drops the "F" bomb during a meeting with your Regional Vice President.

The M4R files are specifically Apple iOS ringtones, the MP3 are of course, for everybody else. Right-Click and "Save File As..." Enjoy!

MP3 Ringtones (52MB)   M4R Ringtones (104MB)

There are 373 ringtones in this portfolio now, I am not going to detail all of them. Just download, try each one and use what you want to.


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